Touch an Inmate

Matthew 25:36

While not all of us can physically visit inmates in prisons, jails and halfway houses, there are many other ways to let them know they’re not completely forgotten.  Many national, state and local prison ministries offer multiple opportunities for caring people to let men and women behind bars know that someone, somewhere is thinking about them. 

Whether it’s donating spiritual literature, buying personal toiletry items or being part of a ministry team, the websites below offer a variety of tangible ways to reach behind prison walls and offer hope and compassion to those who may desperately need both. 

While we provide links to several ministries here for your convenience, please note that we are not able to expressly endorse any group or organization.
Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.
PO Box 0065
Baldwin, NY   11510-0065

Bible Believers Fellowship is a non-denominational, non-profit, nationwide ministry that provides prison chaplains with free English and Spanish Christian literature and videos for distribution to inmates. It also offers free counseling and encouragement to prisoners, including juveniles, who have expressed a desire to pursue a life of faith in God.

You can help by:

  • Donating Bibles and New Testaments in English and Spanish for distribution to prisoners. (Please note that most prisons require soft-cover Bibles, although there are some exceptions)

  • Billy Graham Institute for Prison Ministries Billy Graham Institute for Prison Ministries
    500 College Avenue
    Wheaton, Illinois   60187 

    IPM is a resource center that encourages and equips the professionals and volunteers who share the Gospel with prisoners. The website offers multiple links to a variety of ministries and services that help prisoners and provides various kinds of support to those who are trying to help them.

    Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Good News Jail and Prison Ministry
    PO Box 9760
    Richmond, VA  23228-0760
    800-220-2202 or 804-553-4090

    Good News Jail and Prison Ministry is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the Gospel message to prisoners and their families, providing educational programs within the prisons to encourage ongoing formal education of inmates and aiding in the physical and spiritual rehabilitation of inmates following their release from prison. The ministry has grown from supporting a single prison chaplain in 1961 to its current levels of 425 staff chaplains serving 361 correctional facilities in 24 states and 20 nations located across five continents.

    You can help by:

  • Sponsoring the cost of a videophone call from a family to their loved one behind bars and/or provide a meeting space for the call

  • Collecting clothing and toiletries for inmates who require assistance upon their release from prison

  • Copying and distributing Bible study materials that will go to prisons and jails

  • Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.
    ATTN: Evelyn Lemly
    100 DeBary Plantation Blvd.
    DeBary, FL 32713

    The mission of Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women, and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities. As an inter-denominational ministry of laypersons, Kairos Prison Ministry is driven by over 30,000 men and women volunteers who serve in more than 37 states and ten countries.

    You can help by: 

    • Volunteer with Kairos Inside by participating in a 3 1/2 day Weekend where volunteers listen, listen, love, love the incarcerated by showing inmates the love of Christ.
    • Volunteer in a Kairos Outside Weekend for women with an incarcerated family member.
    • Volunteer to make a difference in the lives of incarcerated youth by becoming a Kairos Torch Mentor.
    • Donate to help us share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ with more incarcerated men, women and youth at:

    Mike Barber Ministries Mike Barber Ministries
    PO Box 1086
    DeSoto, TX   75123-1086
    800-311-1253 or 972-223-3131 

    Mike Barber is a former NFL player who played as a tight end for the Houston Oilers and Los Angeles Rams from 1976 to 1986.  Upon his retirement from football in 1986, he went into full-time prison ministry along with his wife, DeAnne. Together with dozens of volunteers, Mike and Deanne host weekend crusades for inmates at prisons across the country. You can also find out more about their youth ministry, Faze 2, at

    You can help by:

  • Volunteering to visit and witness to prison inmates on one of Mike’s “weekend of excitement” ministry opportunities

  • Stuffing envelopes and doing similar tasks as a volunteer at Mike’s ministry headquarters (in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area)

  • Mission Gate Ministry

    Mission Gate Ministry
    PO Box 6644
    Chesterfield, MO  63006

    Fort Good Shepherd Ranch
    PO Box 672
    Cuba, MO   65453

    Mission Gate Prison Ministry was founded in 1985 with a mission to reduce recidivism. More than 20 years later, it’s posting impressive statistics.  The ministry says eight out of every ten ex-prisoners it takes in never return to prison. Mission Gate directs its efforts to helping “the least of these”, that is, prison inmates, ex-offenders, their families and the homeless—who may be fed and clothed and provided with shelter and ongoing spiritual counsel, according to their needs.  Mission Gate operates eight guest homes in the St. Louis area and a 100-acre ranch located along Missouri’s Meramec River.  In both locations, ex-offenders are given the tools and opportunities to successfully re-enter society with a structured lifestyle that includes ongoing spiritual support and counseling. 

    All city, country, state and federal prisoners are eligible for acceptance into Mission Gate's aftercare program. All they have to do is write the ministry for an application and upon acceptance, they will be reserved a place in the program upon their release.

    You can help by:

  • Becoming a qualified volunteer for the “Mommy Read to Me” program.  In this unique outreach, a volunteer takes an assortment of Christian children’s books and a tape recorder to a male or female inmate and has the inmate read the book of their choice on tape, along with a personal message to their child at the end. Mission Gate subsequently mails the book and tape to the child so they can hear their mommy or daddy’s voice, along with a Christian message.

  • Donating a van, truck or bus for the ministry’s transportation needs (100% tax deductible)

  • Donating any kind of musical instrument for praise and worship

  • Donating ranch supplies and equipment for carrying out work at the ministry’s Fort Good Shepherd Ranch

  • Donating toiletry items for new arrivals out of prison—including toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, shaving gear, washcloths and towels and hand crèmes and lotions.

  • During the holidays, donating gifts for the 3,000 ex-offender children who participate in the ministry's Christmas Angel Mission.

  • Pathways to Hope Pathways to Hope
    c/o Sr. Pauline Quinn op
    PO Box 581
    Casco, Maine  04015

    Founded by Sister Pauline Quinn, a Dominican nun, Pathways to Hope has received national and international recognition for a unique program that matches dogs with inmates who train and care for them.  In some prisons, unwanted dogs are rescued from local pounds and given to prisoners, who learn grooming skills and live and work with the dogs until they are suitable for adoption. In other facilities, a parallel program accepts suitable breeds of puppies who are subsequently raised and trained by inmates to assist the disabled.  

    You can help by:

  • Donating quality dog food, along with grooming supplies, crates, leashes, dog shampoo, etc.

  • Prison Fellowship Prison Fellowship
    44180 Riverside Parkway
    Lansdowne, VA   20176
    For volunteer opportunities: 800-251-7411

    Prison Fellowship was founded by Chuck Colson in 1976, following his own stint in a federal prison after his conviction in the Watergate scandal. Today, the ministry has developed a large national and international following, and partners with churches across the U.S. and around the world to share the love of Christ with prisoners, ex-prisoners and  their families, including children.

    You can help by:

  • Purchasing and delivering gifts to prisoners’ children on their behalf at Christmastime through the Angel Tree program

  • Volunteering to lead prison Bible studies

  • Helping to mentor at-risk youth and ex-prisoners

  • Provide volunteer administrative support at regional Prison Fellowship offices

  • Speak Up For Hope Speak Up For Hope
    Attn. Carol Kent
    PO Box 6262
    Lakeland, FL   33807-6262

    Speak Up For Hope is a non-profit organization founded by Christian author and speaker Carol Kent following the conviction of her only child, Jason, for first-degree murder.  Jason, a Naval Academy graduate with an exemplary record, killed the ex-husband of his wife in a dispute over the man’s alleged abuse of his two daughters. He was sentenced to life without parole and is currently incarcerated in a Florida prison.  Speak Up For Hope was primarily formed to encourage churches and organizations to “adopt” prisons in their vicinity and bring to light the needs of prisoners and their families that aren’t being addressed. 

    You can help by:

  • Providing jobs to released inmates to offer them hope and a fresh start in life

  • Linking qualified educators and counselors with prison chaplains to provide prisoners with GED programs, marriage and family classes, vocational training and college credit programs that will make the prisoners’ lives purposeful and productive

  • Jesus Inside Prison Ministry Jesus  Inside  Prison  Ministry, Inc.
    P.O.  Box  88489
    Indianapolis,  In.  46208

    Jesus Inside Prison Ministry travels to prisons across the U.S. and Lagos, Nigeria. Ministering to prisoners for the past 28 years, JIPM's aftercare facility with 46 beds, The Jesus House, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and receive just released prisoners from all states. Their program, unfortunately, cannot receive sex offenders.  JIPM disciples ex-offenders to serve God and reintegrate into the outside community. JIPM provides them housing, food, clothing, counseling, job assistance  and computer training. Once they are employed, JIPM charges them a small weekly fee to continue to live at the facility.  

    You can help by:

  • Donate food, clothing, toiletries, and groceries for the residents at JIPM's aftercare facility.

  • Contact JIPM with available employment opportunities for ex-offenders in the Indianapolis area.

  • Horizon Communities in Prison Horizon Communities in Prison
    P.O. Box 2547
    Winter Park, FL 32790-2547

    Horizon establishes faith and character-based, year-long residential programs INSIDE prisons with volunteer-led programs focusing on personal and family responsibility and employability.   Most 12-week series are scripture based, some are not such as computer literacy, education, and transition preparation.  Horizon is active at Tomoka CI, Daytona Beach, FL; Wakulla CI, Tallahassee, FL; the Allred unit, Wichita Falls, TX; Marion CI, Columbus, OH, and Davis CF, Holdenville, OK.  

    You can help by:

    • Facilitating a small group of 8 men in workbook programs such as "Making Peace with Your Past".

    • Serving as an "Outside Brother" visiting regularly as an informal mentor with one of the Horizon participants.

    Crossroad Bible Institutev Lael Griess
    The Center for Advanced Studies at
    Crossroad Bible Institute
    P.O. Box 900
    Grand Rapids, MI 49509

    Crossroad Bible Institute is a non-denominational, non-profit, international prison ministry providing free Bible studies to tens of thousands of inmates. Our materials cover the basics of Christianity all the way to advanced studies in theology, hermeneutics, Christian worldview, and more. All Bible studies are corrected by trained church members who respond to each inmate with personal letters and prayers.

    You can help by:

    • Referring inmates to our ministry so that we can provide long-term, in-depth discipleship to men and women behind bars.

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