What Chaplains are Saying

America’s prison chaplains are missionaries in every sense of the word. They are called to proclaim the Gospel daily to men and women who are broken, bitter and forsaken. Most of them work in an environment that is not only spiritually hostile, but physically dangerous.  Ministering on the front lines, chaplains are the primary ones who truly know what touches and transforms those who are imprisoned in every sense of the word.

Here’s what they and others are saying about the power and potential of TBN 2nd Chance:

"I have been a staff chaplain at the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex for over fifteen years. I have seen programs come and go that have been of help to the approximately 1,700 men who are incarcerated at this institution. One area that has been and continues to reach men here with a message of hope and inspiration is TBN. It’s enjoyed by many and continues to be a source of clean entertainment and spiritually challenging programming. It is a ray of light in a very dark place! "

Chaplain Robert Stilson, Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex, West Liberty, KY

"Clearly, TBN is a positive influence within the prison environment helping offenders to overcome destructive attitudes and behaviors. It is a tool in taking them to the next level emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, and ultimately preparing them for a successful re-entry into society."

Chaplain Lois Woodard, California Institution for Women, Corona, CA

"As a CDCR departmental employee for almost 26 years and a Correctional Counselor III for approximately 11 years, I strongly recommend the TBN 2nd Chance program which offers no-cost faith-based television broadcasting and satellite equipment to prisons nationwide. TBN 2nd Chance is an effective tool in assisting correctional systems in a recidivism reduction strategy and can help to significantly reduce the level of violence that is widespread within the prison system."

Hector Lozano, Division of Addiction and Recovery Services, Sierra Conservation Center, Jamestown, CA

"TBN's inspirational programming provides daily hope and encouragement to the incarcerated women here at TPFW, a maximum security level prison. For the inmates in lockdown and segregated quarters who cannot attend the Chapel’s open religious services, TBN serves as a lifeline and IS their church for many who watch the broadcast. You do an awesome job, TBN!"

Chaplain Yolanda Walker, Tennessee Prison for Women, Nashville, TN

“TBN 2nd Chance represents a major step toward helping to curb violence inside our institutions while enabling inmates to successfully complete their sentences. TBN’s programming is cross-generational, cross-cultural, and multi-denominational which makes it a “win-win” proposition for every correctional facility.”

Chaplain Michael Reed, California Substance Abuse Facility/State Prison, Corcoran, CA

"The TBN programs are a positive influence on the inmate population here at the Jefferson City Correctional Center. I have heard many complimentary comments from several of our offenders as to the uplifting programming….We are pleased to have this network in our facility."

Chaplain Joe Gibson, Jefferson City Correctional Center, Jefferson City, MO

“I can think of no other television network that would provide incarcerated men and women the level of spiritual encouragement and hope that TBN would deliver to those who need it most in overcoming destructive attitudes and behaviors. TBN's programming provides a moral and spiritual reinforcement in development of a sense of purpose and positive self image that promotes successful reintegration into society and reduces the likelihood of recidivism.”

Mayor Alan Autry, City of Fresno, CA

"TBN’s inspirational programming provides a welcome and beneficial influence by allowing inmates to watch positive television programs that help them discard unhealthy attitudes, overcome destructive behaviors, and prepare them to become positive contributors in society.”

Chaplain David Dougherty, Central California Women’s Facility, Chowchilla, CA

"There are tons of studies showing the relationships between violence on the screen and aggressiveness with kids and adults acting out. The more television you watch in general, the meaner you think the world is. Offenders need a fundamental shift in how they perceive the world, transitioning from a vengeful mindset to one of grace, forgiveness and self control. Television programs that inspire inmates to re-examine those erroneous attitudes and teach values that are much more consistent with a law-abiding life can only have a positive effect.”

Richard Moran, criminologist, author & sociology professor, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

“TBN 2nd Chance allows inmates to voluntarily tune into positive programs that will help them grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in an institutional environment that is often plagued by violence and negativity.”

Chaplain Pete Untalon, Valley State Prison for Women, Chowchilla, CA

“I personally endorse the TBN 2nd Chance program which provides television programming that addresses the core issues of transforming lives and preparing inmates for a successful re-entry into society. Not only is (TBN 2nd Chance) an excellent rehabilitation tool, but it will assist in the decrease of violent crimes within the prison environment.”

Presidential Candidate (2007) Congressman Duncan Hunter

“TBN provides a great support adjunct for the prison chaplain, helping in discipleship and teaching of the Gospel. In addition, many inmates who elect to not attend chapel services as a result of their unwillingness to incur the stigma and negative peer pressure of openly declaring their faith watch TBN, who otherwise would not receive spiritual encouragement any other way.”

Chaplain Charles Foster, Fremont Correctional Facility, Canon City, CO


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