Bring TBN Second Chance to a Loved One

visitingYour friend or family member has been sentenced and locked away—for weeks, months, years or decades. You know they’re immersed in a subculture that more often than not promotes fear, violence and revenge. You’re trying to encourage them with the kind of hope and love that a relationship with God could provide, but you’re finding it difficult to reach them—physically—emotionally—spiritually
—perhaps all three.    

That’s where TBN Second Chance can help. If you’d like to be a part of reaching across prison walls with positive, life-affirming messages any time of day, we will assist in getting information about TBN Second Chance to the correctional facility of your choice.

Click here to send a brochure about TBN Second Chance to a prison chaplain, warden, inmate, or yourself.  If you request it, we will include a cover letter with both yours and the inmate's name (and facility ID#) if sending to a chaplain or warden. Please contact the facility for the last name of the chaplain or warden, if you do not already know, and include it on the request form (this will likely be the Protestant chaplain).

It is also recommended that you contact the chaplain or warden in advance and advise them that you will be sending a request for TBN Second Chance, as that will increase the probability that your request will be properly forwarded and acted upon.

Please, only one request for each facility you specify.

You can also contact us by mail and request a brochure to be sent at:

TBN Second Chance
P.O. Box A
Santa Ana, CA   92711-2101

Please note:

  • TBN cannot contact a chaplain or warden personally on your behalf due to the volume of requests (other than sending a brochure).

  • Each correctional facility must initiate and submit a request (using one of our application forms) to be eligible to receive a free TBN Second Chance installation.

  • While your input could help influence them, correctional officials have the ultimate authority to determine whether or not they wish to provide inmates with any of the four TBN networks available to them and to determine how many channels they will show.


A chance for you to make a difference

get tbn second chance
Bring TBN Second Chance to a Loved One

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get tbn 2nd chance
4 TBN Networks we provide: TBN, The Church Channel, JUCE TV, and Enlace

Pierce the Darkness with a Donation

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