A Chance to Change Their Future

HopeTBN 2nd Chance is a faith-based initiative dedicated to ministering hope and restoration to thousands of men, women and juveniles incarcerated across America. We want to offer inmates a 2nd Chance to make good choices by providing positive, life-affirming television programming that helps with the Rehabilitative and Reduction of Recidivism process.

FREE of any expense to state, county, local government or eligible correctional facilities.

NO monthly subscription fees. All satellite dishes and receivers, including professional, bonded installers are fully funded by TBN 2nd Chance.

Facility administrators may choose to receive up to four of TBN 2nd Chance’s faith-based, commercial free networks offering quality programming 24 hours a day appropriately geared to a diverse range of ages, ethnic and religious denominations.

These networks are to be voluntarily viewed by the inmates.

In partnership with Glorystar Satellite Systems, TBN 2nd Chance stands ready to penetrate miles of concrete and razor wire across the nation with the 24-hour message of hope and forgiveness.

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4 TBN Networks we provide: TBN, The Church Channel, JUCE TV, and Enlace

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